Umut Utkan


With a unique blend of industry experience spanning over 20 years and a complete company specific knowledge in the financial market, Mr. Utkan has laid a solid foundation of success and a proven track record. He started as a trainee at the Turkish Derivative Exchange before he took up various trading positions in YapiKredi Bank (part of UniCredit), IS Investment (largest investment bank of Turkey), ING Bank, Finansbank/National Bank of Greece, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Tradition Group.

Due to his investment experience, Umut has provided value to clients by giving them his investment insights. His trading experience in fixed income, equity, and currency markets was instrumental to many of his successes and was enriched further after he joined Rhea Asset Management as a partner and General Manager. Rhea Asset then succeeded in becoming the largest independent asset manager in Turkey in 2011.

Advancing his career further, Umut left Rhea Asset to manage a Maltese domiciled Safran Global Opportunities Fund up until 2015. He later worked with a US-based Dinosaur Financial Group, providing industry leading client experience at every point in time while driving portfolio account growth via effective risk management. He is currently a partner of DualEdge Capital Management LLP and founder of Thompson Crosby & Co. advisory boutique.

Mr. Umut holds a Ph.D. in Finance and Banking, an MBA in Finance Administration and a BA in Economics. His Ph.D. dissertation on asset pricing under liquidity constraints is printed in Turkish and Russian by Credit Europe Group as training material.

Ruifang Zhang


As the founder and Chief Investment Officer of DualEdge Capital Management LLP, Ruifang has helped a significant number of clients put their investment ideas into action, leveraging her wealth of experience to deliver exceptional value to the company and its clients.

Before the time she founded DualEdge, she held a position of Senior Strategist at Caxton Associates—a premier US-based hedge fund manager. In that position, she reported to CIO of the Caxton Global Macro Fund. Before joining Caxton, she was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London. She worked for Goldman between 2004 and 2008 as a commodity analyst, and had broad expertise in fundamental analysis of global commodity markets, from energy and metals to agriculture.

Ruifang has been focusing on identifying investment opportunities presented by the shifts in global trends after the 2008 financial crisis. New trends as driven by global central bank mandates, geopolitical risks, changes in population growth and emergence of new technologies are opening up the potential for superior returns. Capitalizing on such trends is her central investment thesis.

Ruifang holds a BA Economics degree from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing in 1999 and later obtained a Masters in Public Policy degree from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government in 2004 through a national scholarship award.

Mark Tutt


Mark has spent over 25 years in the bond markets, trading products from Euro Yen through FRN’s and asset swaps, to Distressed and High Yield assets across Asia and Europe. He was part of a very successful team at Mizuho that restructured assets from companies that had suffered in the Asian financial crisis, liaising directly with corporate management. He has formed trading books from scratch at Mizuho and Meinl Bank and has built a strong network of clients across the investor spectrum. Mark continues to focus on Special Situations involving a variety of asset classes, from Fixed Income to busted convertibles and equity.