Private Equity

With a committed team of financial professionals, DualEdge is ready to take your investments to the next level. We manage a private equity fund established in Luxembourg, which focuses on the financial service industry and geographically, on Eastern Europe. We pride ourselves on a locally stationed portfolio operation team to maximize investor value by improving processes across varied elements of our business operations.

We target continuous alpha generation to help clients achieve their end goals while creating a strong business initiative for all participants. Our investment approach is hinged on a disciplined due diligence process that accounts for your level of risk tolerance, and at the same time identifies the catalysts essential for value creation. We engage in friendly transactions with a group of close-knit investors who work assiduously with our team of managers to maximize investment returns.

Our investment features are characterized by:

  • A fine blend of majority control or a significant minority, well fitted with full governance right and exit control.
  • A well-defined disciplinary entry valuation coupled with a robust capital structure.
  • A sustainable competitive growth agenda that aligns both shareholders and management’s interests.
  • Actively championing a change mantra in strategy, governance and people management.
  • A strong access to debt and equity funding that can respond to market challenges.
  • A diversified customer base equipped with the right human resources and strategic partners and suppliers.