Managed Accounts

With our long-standing years of experience, we provide individual portfolios of securities discretionary managed on behalf of our clients. The securities are registered directly under the clients’ names, providing them with full control and transparency. Managed accounts are the investment vehicle of choice among many high net worth individuals and financial institutions that are seeking sophisticated, but customized investment solutions.

Establishing a managed account is a consultative process. As an investor, you can impose reasonable investment restrictions on the management of your account, and reasonable limits on gains or losses to be recognized in the account. Our team of financial professionals works closely with you to establish subjective and objective investment plans.

Throughout the lifetime of the account, you have access to the following: a dedicated portfolio manager, periodically written reports, conference calls, and personal meetings, to keep abreast with the current status of your account. We employ global resources, risk management expertise, and in-depth researches to customize a solution for you to meet your goals.