Hedge Fund

We offer hedge fund vehicles domiciled in the Cayman Islands or onshore European locations. We use a Global Macro strategy to manage the funds on a discretionary basis. Unlike passive investment, our experienced investment professionals adjust and rebalance portfolio risks in a dynamic manner according to ever changing investment matrices.

We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative researches and monitor a variety of indicators to gauge the current status of the global investment environment. Once we identify a trend, we then select the best financial instruments to express the investment thesis. We invest in an array of financial assets and their derivatives, which include equities and equity indices, fixed income, currencies, and commodities. This full spectrum of diversified assets and investment horizon maximizes our ability to take advantage of investment opportunities in the global financial market whenever they present themselves.

By investing in pooled vehicles, such as our hedge funds, clients benefit from an economy of scale and the consequent reduction of execution and operating costs. In addition, they stand ready to join us as soon as exciting investment opportunities emerge in the global financial market.