About Us

DualEdge Capital Management LLP is a leading investment management firm founded in London in 2009, with vast expertise in managing risks of investment portfolios and designing funding solutions to pave the way for clients to achieve their financial goals.

We have a set of core business principles that vividly articulates our dedication to investment excellence, cooperative and collaborative culture, alignment of interest with clients, and a disciplined approach for the purpose of delivering desirable outcomes.

Our competitive advantage lies in creating highly personalized financial, investment, and risk management strategies that preserve and grow wealth over time. At DualEdge, our unique investment approach takes on a model that puts us in a position of creating value for our clients, while laying great emphasis on their individual risk tolerance.

We service clients in four broad areas: Private Equity, Managed Accounts, Hedge Funds, and Corporate Finance. At every point of contact, we aim to deliver the expertise and comprehensive insights that are needed to match our clients’ most complex needs and goals. Our dedicated team of investment professionals has gained trust from our clients over time, and we are keen to partner with you on your journey to financial success.